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Alistair has started a new position at The Covey Agency as a Full Stack Developer and hence we are taking on less projects that previously. If you are looking for a static site, a fairly small project, or a Front-End Web App, then feel free to still get in touch. The Covey Agency is a creative and digital agency in Portobello, Edinburgh offering services including graphic design, branding, traditional marketing and advertising, website design, development and hosting, digital marketing and SEO and more.
If you are looking for any of these services, get in touch with with Alistair (through Accudio) or with The Covey Agency directly and we can see what we can do for you.

We are a web design, development, and hosting agency located in the Highlands of Scotland based in the Strathspey area and the Isle of Skye. We create a variety of sites that look great however you view them.

Web Design and Development

We design and build sites to fit exactly what you and your customers need, so it's easy to manage and a pleasure to view.

Managed Web Hosting

To take the stress and hassle out of hosting your site, we offer extremely versatile managed web hosting at great value!

Graphic Design and Copy

We can also design logos or marketing materials to attract as many visitors as possible, or copywrite your site to boost your conversions!

Why Accudio?

  • Mobile-first Design

    We focus on mobile-first design, and adapt that to desktop use. This means your site visitors will get a great experience on both.

  • Tailored to you

    We build your site tailored to you and your visitors, so it's as effective as possible in both look and functionality.

  • Static and Simple Sites

    If you just need a simple informative site theres no need for a complicated CMS. We do great static HTML and CSS websites!

  • Dynamic and Advanced Sites

    We can also do advanced dynamic sites based on a CMS, including ecommerce, booking systems and more.

  • Unrivalled Flexibility

    As we can offer anything from HTML sites to ecommerce, we are very flexible, more than many other design agencies.

  • Constant Involvement

    Keeping you in the loop throughout means we can get the site you want and will be most effective easily and quickly.

Our Vision

Many agencies overcomplicate web design and hosting.

If you were popping to the shops you wouldn't use your 20-wheeled truck, you'd use your car or bike. However, if you were transporting cargo thousands of miles, your bike may not cut it! This is why Accudio offers multiple options when it comes to websites, so we can use the right tool for the job.

We start with a free consultation meeting; phone call; or email. Here we can work out what you need, how we would proceed with building your site, and give you an initial quote and timescale.

If required, we come up with a design mockup, followed by a draft site. With feedback from you and any additional requirements, we finish building your site, fill it with your desired text and images and make it live!

Accudio website on a mobile phone